Get day-report inboxed

Bytepaper automatically delivers daily sales reports to admins straight to their inboxes. See all that your sales team has been doing.

Better users insights

Take a better understanding of your data and results. See how your team is performing. Check who is breaking the sales records and who is staying behind on targets.

More power to admins

To you as an admin - Bytepaper lets you get more insights on daily activities, users performance, monthly sales graphs, targets achieved and many more.

More Reports
Prospects Created
  • Bytepaper sales reports let you view prospects according to added date with their current status.
  • View added prospects date range wise and export datasheets.
Dropped Leads

Dropped leads database makes it easier to retarget the inactive leads and understand the issues.

  • View the list of all prospects which move to the dropped bucket after followups.
  • Analyze the dropped reasons and filter your prospects.
Source Analysis

Bytepaper synchronizes leads from different sources, this reports is to analyze source-wise prospects and conversions.

  • Check the status of your leads according to different sources.
  • Analyze non-performing lead sources that provide lesser conversions.
Followups Added

View date-wise followups done against your prospects.

  • Get a detailed report on followups done by your users. Bytepaper logs every call, tasks and comment for your prospects.
  • Filter your follow-ups according to users for a better understanding.
More Insights

Analyze your data even more

  • Check top prospects your team interacts with.
  • Check monthly statistic reports.
  • Prospect assigned reports.
Deals Created

View reports related to deals created - won/lost

  • View deals created, deals assigned and followups timeline reports.

Check deal conversions timeline says alot about your sales trend.

  • Check graphs to see deals conversions trends by weeks and months.
  • Measure deals by value and products.
Deals Lost

View deals lost with reasons.

  • See the popular drop reasons and work on your dropped deals.
  • Graphs to view deals trend over time.
Sales by Product/Service

Check the sales conversions rate for multiple products/services.

  • Check deals won or lost according to products or services
Calls Reports

View call logs between your leads and sales agents captured from mobile app.

  • Filter your leads on the basis of number of call made or received.
  • Get call-duration reports and arrange leads on the basis of minutes.
  • Get user-leaderboard on the basis of calls
Daily call-log dashboard

Dashboard to view daily call-log report and meaningful insights

  • Call summary for a quick glance.
  • View user-wise call duration summary
  • Check the active hours of your users when they made most of the calls
  • Get activity timeline graph for hourly call summary.

Bytepaper lets you set deal conversion targets for each users

  • View targets vs achievement reports on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Set conversions target as deals count as well as value
Performance analysis

  • Measue performance on the basis of deals created, followups and conversions.
  • View user leaderboards to check performance in selecte time range.

Keep track of user-logins in Bytepaper.

  • Get monthly report of login date & time of your sales agents.
  • Differentiate the logins between web and mobile app.

Get your data working for you