B y t e p a p e r

Re-target your prospects
to revive their interest

Reaching your prospects on their phones via SMS
is still the best way to capture their attention.
With Bytepaper marketing tool, you can easily
schedule and run unlimited campaigns.

Send Bulk campaigns

Reduce the effort to upload contact numbers every time you want to run campaigns.
Instead, keep your segments filtered just like you do in email marketing.

Bulk import data-sheets

Import your contacts by uploading a CSVs or Excel-sheets and create segments.

Connect SMS & WhatsApp services

Connect your service providers via APIs to send campaigns from Bytepaper.

Schedule Campaigns

Easily create templates and schedule multiple campaigns on multiple lists.

Get Statistics

Check campaigns' responses & unique link clicks. View generated leads report.

Create segments & templates

Import bulk data from excel-sheets into Marketing app. You can also separate your data into lists to send targeted messages.

  • Retarget your existing data by importing your data from Bytepaper CRM to create lists for your Active leads, Clients and Dropped leads
  • Create your custom segments according to your requirements. For example, according to Business Segments.
  • Create and save templates beforehand. Use keywords like [Lead Name] to address leads by their names automatically.

Schedule campaigns

Scheduling campaigning on custom segments is easier with our Marketing app. Reach your potential prospects with targeted markeitng.

  • Set date and time to run your campaigns automatically.
  • View timeline with campaign execution details. Check all past campaigns and templates.
  • Easily edit your campaigns to change date, time and templates.

View activities and reports

Bytepaper Marketing app help create unique links to measure your campaign performance.

  • View how many leads are clicking the links inside SMS.
  • View responses & see activity graph to measure campaign success rate.
  • Segregate the prospect on the basis of responses, to target more precisly.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Bytepaper Marketing app is free of cost. You can sign up and subscribe to Marketing app in Bytepaper's app list.

There is no limit, you can upload unlimited database to run campaigns.

SMS service will be purchased by you from any third party.

Simply add your HTTP API inside Configurations menu in Bytepaper Marketing. Test by sending a test message.

Check your service provider's panel to fetch the API. If not available, ask your service provider's support center for the API.

Bytepaper's Subscription comes with three users. You can authorize these three users to access Marketing app.

You can download your data in .xml format directly from reports. Apply filters to download segmented lists.

Yes, you can start subscribe to any application insude Bytepaper and start your 7-days trial account. To conitnue using, you will have to purchase the subscription.

Bytepaper Marketing is web-only tool. It is accessible in browser from any device.


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