B y t e p a p e r
Streamline your sales process

Start handling your leads
as soon as they come

Capture leads & auto-assign

Manually collecting leads in excel-sheets increases the chances of leads leakage. Integrate your sources with Bytepaper via APIs to automatically start capturing leads. Set rules to auto-assign leads to your sales reps.

Maintain activities timeline

Keep tracking the daily activities in leads' timeline. View actions performed on your leads like assigned agents, incoming or outgoing calls, triggered messages, followup comments, tasks and many more.

Automate triggers for engagement

Convey your message to your prospect even when you are not able to get in touch with them over the call. Integrate your APIs with Bytepaper to send messages with just a click. Keep ready to send templates for your team.

Build a sales process for your organization

A defined sales process is directly responsible for your conversion rate. Bytepaper Sales app helps you streamline everything from leads to the team. Start analyzing your sales reports and work on your data to get more results.

Followup process made easier

No more manual data management

Bytepaper keeps your data filtered. Categorize your data into - Active Leads, Clients and Dropped leads. Further, divide your leads into - new leads, leads in followups, leads with active deals and many other filters are available.

Maintain lead interactions

Keep all the conversation and activities with your respective leads. Save all the followup comments, tasks, any triggered messages by any sales rep.

Integrate your IVR

Integrate Bytepaper with your IVR and start capturing incoming, outgoing & missed calls with their recordings. Automatically create new leads and log calls in activity timeline. Set up workflow on how you want to assign your leads to your sales agents.

Log every call

Integrate IVR to log all IVR calls. Also get phone call-logs via Bytepaper mobile app.

create tasks

Create tasks

Create followup tasks & reminders for your leads. Get reminders on Bytepaper mobile app.

Click to call

With integrated IVR, you can directly place calls from the dashboard by easily enabling Click to call functionality.

Pipelines to manage ongoing deals

Open Deals Pipeline for interested leads and move them forward through different deals stages. Check deals activities & focus on moving your deals to the final stage and winning them.

Multiple Deal pipelines

Pipeline lets you visualize your ongoing deals in different stages. Bytepaper provides the option to create multiple deal pipelines so you can handle your multiple business categories.

Deal closure

Get a calendar view of your upcoming closure dates with Bytepaper Sales. Help your agents set a closing date for all the opened deals. This will help you get a better understanding of your target completion as an organization.

Android app to work from anywhere

Capture calls & create new leads from mobile

Create new leads as soon as the call comes in. Bytepaper app will show the pop-up to save the new number as new lead. Also, get a new call-followup automatically entered in respective lead's activity timeline.

More Features
  • Get notifications on the go
  • Track every call log activity
  • Followup with leads - add comments, set reminders
  • Open deals and work in pipeline view
  • Save any images related to your leads
 Android App Call Reports
More features

Stay on top your leads and deals

Divide data into categories

Unlike excel sheets, segregate your data very easily into categories. Bytepaper divides prospects into - Leads, Clients and Dropped Prospects.

More filters

View leads inside different buckets. For example - new leads, source-wise leads, leads with open deals, unassigned leads, unattended leads, duplicate leads, hot leads and more.

Import bulk data

Quickly import your records from excel sheets with predefined format. Import all details, segregate them into categories and auto-assign data to your agents.

Custom fields

Create as many custom fields to enter any additional information for your prospects. These fields can be text, dropdowns, time and date. Create relative fields to appear on a specific input.

Manage organizations

Create organizations to save multiple prospects associated with one company. Bytepaper lets you see all the deals created, won or lost with these organizations.


Link your deals with your products and get stock out reports when you win deals. Add your products or services with complete information like HSN number, SKU, unit price, Discount etc.

Set sales target

Set sales targets for your agents. Give them a value to achieve and the number of deals to close. View deals creation and closure rates to analyze their performances.

Get daily work report

Bytepaper shares daily work report with you, view quick summary of followups done, total leads created and dropped, deals created, won and lost, login time of team members and many more.

User reports

Analyze your agents' performance individually. Get reports on activities like - prospects created, follow-ups and tasks, dropped leads, deals report, targets vs achievements etc.

Start winning more deals