B y t e p a p e r
Field force automation

Manage your frontline operations

In this digital age where most of the meetings are done online or over the phone, in-persons meetings are still a very crucial part of the sales for many organizations. So, DSAs (Direct sales agents) get the responsibility to meet and convert sales. Their daily schedule includes travelling door-to-door to market any new products, generate new leads, meeting with leads, distributing products, or to complete many other tasks. With Bytepaper, you can unburden your sales agents from manually managing the data or meetings and also help them to work more efficiently.

Go paperless, Go digital

Stop all the paperwork and manual lead management, instead start planning your DSAs' meeting schedules with Bytepaper.

Create location-wise beat plan

Filter your prospects according to their locations to easily assign data and create a beat plan for your team. Bytepaper automatically creates tasks for your DSAs and notifies them through the mobile app.

Improve beat efficiency

Empower your team to follow a more standardized process. Bytepaper gives a clear view of planned tasks and shows their daily performances, helps them to achieve the given targets.

Beat plan

Track real-time location and activities

Save the trouble to depend on your agents to give right locations and followup statuses.

View check-ins

Bytepaper lets your DSAs to check-in and out for client meetings. Bytepaper automatically fetches the location and time along with the check-in to provide you with the true statistics.

Track activities

Your agents cannot register every minute's report for you. With Bytepaper, you can track their upcoming meetings, completed tasks, newly generated leads, meeting notes, calls made by them and many more in single place.

Easy to manage expenses

Simplify the expense reporting to keep the process transparent between admins and agents.

Track expense claims

Give your agents the centralized way to easily report all the expenses as they happen. Check expense attachments, approve or disapprove and get monthly summarised reports for all the users

Conveyance calculation

With Bytepaper, you can get the daily report on the route maps and distance travelled by your sales agents. Use this data to calculate the total spends based on current per kilometre rates.

More features

Get faster results with teamwork

Customer data

No more wasting time going through papers & excel-sheets. Agents can access data assigned to them from anywhere, any device and can get complete details.

Reminders for agents

Bytepaper notifies the agents of upcoming meetings and tasks through the mobile app. Easily track the daily work done report and list of pending tasks.

Track activities

Quickly import your records from excel sheets with predefined format. Import all details, segregate them into categories and auto-assign data to your agents.

Approve reimbursements

Change the way of settling reimbursements. Get the list of expenditures from your agents in a single place. Keep the history maintained of all the past claims.

Multiple locations

Got agents in multiple locations? Handle your operations by creating multiple teams and managing their agents separately. Get reports and insights to track their performances.


Get detailed reports to measure the productivity of your agents. View reports on check-ins, route-maps, attendances, beat-plans, lead reports, expenses and many more.

For your DSAs

  • Get the assigned leads in a single place
  • Get notifications for tasks and meetings
  • View leads' locations on google maps
  • Claim your daily expenses
  • Keep travel histories
  • Save newly generated leads directly
  • View daily work-done reports

Empower your field agents to work properly