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Keep tabs on your income and expenses with Bytepaper Books

After successful sales closure, you start getting payments and simultaneously your monthly spends line up. Use Bytepaper books to reduce all the manual efforts of tallying every income and expense. Check how much sales revenue you are targeting and how much profit you actually make.

Track payments

Track payments for the invoices you created. Filter clients with unpaid or partial paid statuses, set auto-reminders.

Add Spends

Track where your money is going. Create expense heads to enter your monthly spends like salaries, vendor bills etc.


Maintain your client histories of how much business you have done. Track payments received and dues.

Get Reports

Get daily transactions report, profit and loss statements, view invoiced & pay-out calendars, and ledgers.

Raise re-occuring invoices
Mark your invoices to re-occure every month, quarter or year
  • Add when the payment is collected
  • See monthly re-occuring report
  • Set due dates to auto-send payment reminders

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