Bring your telecallers together in a single place

Set-up your call-center just with
agents and mobile devices

Setup centralized data

Upload bulk data in a single place and easily assign them to agents. Start getting every follow-up against every contact inside Bytepaper automatically.

Work with just mobile devices

You don't have to invest in laptops for your agents to work online instead use mobile phones to download the Bytepaper Mobile app and start working remotely.

Track agent performance

Your agents' daily performance is trackable with Bytepaper Sales CRM. Get call reports, attendance reports, follow-up reports, tasks reports and more.

Daily attendance

Punch-in/out for telecallers

Agents can start the timer while starting their working hours every day. This helps regularize the attendance as they don't have to use another method to punch in/out.

Get locations with attendance

Get locations along with daily punch in/out to track field agents and remote workers.

Attendance reports

Get daily/weekly/monthly attendance reports of all agents. View daily logins reports.

punch-in attendance
Contact management

Convert more leads

Keeping data centralized will help you get more results out of it. Assign data to agents, extract leads and shuffle.

Upload and assign bulk data

Instantly upload bulk data from excel sheets. Assign agents the data from-to any number like assigning 20-100 contacts to Agent A.

Convert data to leads or drop

Agents can mark a contact as a lead and forward it to a sales rep, or mark it as dropped and mention a reason for dropping it.

Assign bulk data
Followups & Reminders

Timely follow-ups

Agents can get the lists of assigned contacts queued for follow-ups. They can quickly add follow-up comments after every call.

Create tasks to get reminders

Reduce the chances of missing follow-ups with notifications. Get reminded of upcoming tasks and complete or reschedule them

Follow-up reports

Get follow-up reports of your agents. Track how many contacts are followed, unfollowed, converted, dropped or pending.

Mobile tele-calling

Inbuilt automatic call-dialer

Call a large number of data with auto-dialler and save a lot of time that gets wasted going back n forth.

Quick actions

Jump on quick actions right after attending a call. Find and convert interested contacts to leads or drop the uninterested ones. Create tasks to follow later or add follow-up comments to keep a log of the conversation.

Call dispositions

Save time by quickly selecting any disposition like - Call back later, busy right now, interested call again etc.

auto-dialler in Bytepaper

Centralize your followup proccess

  • Powerful CRM
  • Calls through sim cards
  • Tasks and reminders
  • Auto-dialler with quick actions
  • Voice notes for quick note-taking
  • Powerful performance reports

Start generating more results from your sales team