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View more than just follow-up comments

Tracking follow-up comments is one way of viewing the daily work of your sales agents, but it doesn't give the complete picture of the actual calling routine and performance. With Bytepaper you can keep track of your telephony activities even without the IVR.
Our mobile app has the features to track the call logs between your leads and your sales agents.

Measure your sales performance

Track daily call logs with call duration

View how many hours your sales reps have spent talking to the leads.

Get daily call logs fetched right from the mobile phone. Bytepaper captures all incoming, outgoing and missed calls records with lead names, assigned sales-rep and call-duration.

User-wise calls and Leaderboard

No more relying on manual methods to get user-wise calls reports.

Bytepaper lets you see user-wise data with details like call type, call time, call duration and follow-ups added. Also, rank your users in Learderbaord according to their performances based on call activity

Call-timeline for better insights

Call-timeline graph shows daily hours when the maximum calls are made.

Bytepaper provides data and graphs to show you deep insights into your users' activity. View graphs on - calls per hour, user-wise calls comparison per hour on daily/monthly or yearly basis.

Most and least called prospects

Your sales conversions also depend on the number of times you are talking to your leads

Better predict the deal's closure status by listing out the most contacted prospects with the total number of calls made and call-duration. You can increase sales performance by checking the least contacted leads.

More insights to make the right decisions

Bytepaper provides reports and dashboards to give you proper insights on your data as well as your users' performances so you can make the right decisions and close more sales.

  • Assign centralized data to your users
  • Set call targets and start tracking
  • View your best performing employees
  • View daily/weekly/monthly call logs
  • Track your least called leads and identify reason
Call cycle

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