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Key Features

Integrated apps to increase sales & service efficiency

Bytepaper applications are bundled for IT-services covering the end-to-end sales process,
so your team can focus on delivering more value.

Acquire more customers with an automated sales process with Bytepaper. Centralize your leads and sales team to work together.

Setup quotations and invoices once. Let your team share the best prices instantly. You can track your monthly sales target and revenue.

Enable ticketing system to resolve client problems systematically. Get feedback and ratings to evaluate problems.

Run marketing campaigns on bulk data, retarget your dropped leads or engage existing leads & clients. Create templates and schedule campaigns.

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Your complex service process is now simplified

From generating prospects, qualifying leads, converting into clients to retaining them - we are covering every small bit of your process. Have a look at this sales workflow for IT-services with our four major applications - Marketing, Sales, Books and Client support.

Sell smarter and faster

Connect your lead portals to capture leads directly into Bytepaper. Set workflow to automatically distribute leads to your agents so they can immediately start following up with the leads.

  • Create deals for interested leads and start moving deals up the sales funnel. Working in Deals pipeline helps agents to focus on closing more.
  • To pitch your prices, create and share quotations instantly with Bytepaper Books.
Sales CRM for IT services

Resolve client issues with ticketing

Keep track of all the issues raised by your clients. Solve them by creating tickets - track conversations, prioritize tickets and close. Analyze feedback given by them for overall better performance.

  • Let your client raise issues from anywhere - Call, IVR, Website, online chat or client-mobile app. Bytepaper lets you stay connected and act faster.
  • Evaluate your team by reviewing the feedback given by your customers. Analyze feedback, check ratings given and help improve their performance.

Automate re-occurring payments

Import your products and services to raise quotations and invoices for your prospects. Add details like discount limits, tax amounts, opening stock and you can create custom fields to save any additional information.

  • Bytepaper allows you to create multiple types of quotations and invoices with different sequence numbers, company names, GST number, footers and other details.
  • Mark your invoices to re-occur monthly, quarterly or yearly. Set due dates to auto-send payment reminders via SMS or WhatsApp. Integrate payment gateway to receive direct payments.
Manage agents

Empower your teams to perform better

We understand your team and workflow, how your different departments come together to perform the most crucial tasks. In Bytepaper, you can create teams, set up workflows, authorize applications and roles to your users.

Create teams

Create a hierarchy inside teams. Add admins or reporting heads roles. Add admins, reporting heads & agent roles.

Expense tracking

Let your agents add any expenses for approval for the site visits they did. View expenses reports.

Task management

Let agents add and assign tasks, create daily schedules. View completed & overdue tasks.

Work remotely

Work on the go with the mobile application. Track calls, tasks, locations, sales and tickets.

What's more

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Lead Syncing

Save your leads directly to Bytepaper from any lead portal, website, calls, IVR, etc. and auto-distribute incoming leads to your executives.

Mobile CRM

Work on the go with Bytepaper Mobile CRM. Follow your leads, track calls, convert deals, get locations and many more. Save leads from your device.

Sales Insights

Get deep insights from Bytepaper reports. View & analyze target vs achievements, sales revenue, team reports and get many useful insights.


Quick integrations SMS & WhatsApp via APIs, Trigger messages at different stages according to your workflow. Run bulk campaigns on your data.

Create Segments

Divide data into segments to run targeted campaigns. Create segments based on location, dropped reasons, business type, lead type or interests.

Schedule Campaigns

Create and schedule campaigns to run automatically. Include short-links in your templates to measure open-rates. View campaign success reports.

Track Payments

View quotations if they got approved or not. Track payments made against your invoices & integrate your payment portals

Get Profit and Loss reports

Bytepaper lets you analyze your total sales revenue. You can add monthly expenditure so you can view your Profit and Loss reports.

Client Ledgers

No more paperwork. Maintain client ledgers in Bytepaper. View payment activities for each client recieved in a select time-period.

Prioritize tickets

Resolve urgent issues first. Distribute tickets to your agents according to the priority. View reports on the current status of your urgent tickets

Multi-channel Support

Connect multiple ticket generation sources with Bytepaper. Let the tickets flow-in and auto-assign to your agents.

Agent Performance

View reports on how your agents are performing. View automated Leaderboards to see top performing agents based on client ratings.

So much more in a single software

What you will get

  • Sales App
  • Marketing App
  • Books App
  • Support App
  • 3-users access
  • Full Features

Get your dedicated Client App

You can provide a dedicated mobile app of your brand name to your customers. So they can connect with you for support in no time. This mobile app will be connected with Bytepaper, with your database so that any tickets created by your customers can be directly assigned to your agents.

Your agents will be able to respond in-app. Get quick feedback from your customer, and rating against your agents.

  • Refer & earn: Let your client share referrals to earn commission benefits by filling the in-app form. Earn their trust in a transparent process.
  • AMC Renewals Easily remind your clients via push notifications to pay for AMC or Re-occurring invoice directly from the mobile app. Integrate your payment portal with the app to provide easiness to pay.


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