Why Choose Bytepaper over Excel sheets?

Lead Capturing

Integrations multiple lead sources to capture direct enquiries

Tasks and Reminders

Get notified on upcoming tasks and meetings

Deals Pipeline

Track your ongoing deals in a better 'pipeline' view

Dashboard and Reports

View your data reports and summarized dashboards

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See who can use Bytepaper

Tax and GST practioners
Software/IT services
Ecommerce Store
Health services
Real Estate
Event Organisers

Your place to work together and grow

Maintaining and working in excel sheets causes a lot of time wastage and lost productivity in your employees. Whereas, working together in Bytepaper on the segregated data can give your employees a lot of time to focus on ongoing deals and followups which results in more sales conversions. Bytepaper is easy to use and helps to track everything without much effort.

user control
Easily adaptable

Get started in no time - Add users, select required apps & integrate. Bytepaper's easy to use user interface makes it easier for anyone to work.

user control
Control data visibility

Control your users' data access rights. Set data visibility to 'Own' to only show the data they have to work on.

user control
Work smartly with reports

Unlike excel sheets, Bytepaper provides analytics and reports like daily/monthly reports, user-performance reports, sales targets vs achievement reports and many more.

user control

Make Bytepaper work as your company works. Set custom fields to save any kind of information. Set rules to assign incoming data to your users and more.

Boost your sales by working together with more transparency

Bytepaper is a CRM that your team will like to use. Many companies fail to implement any CRM because of the complexities and support they require to understand and train their people. Whereas Bytepaper is easy to use and it requires minimal training, and it will help your team work better and faster.

Bytepaper apps

Generate more results

Your sales representatives can work together and faster generating more results.

Good sales experience

Provide your customers with good sales experience and increase your companies revenue.

Take better decisions

No more relying on miscalculated data from excel sheets that can become the reason of bad decisions.

Join 1000+ users who are successfully using Bytepaper to increase their sales.

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Use Bytepaper Sales for 30 days in just ₹1500. Add upto 3 users.