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Introducing Bytepaper Sales Cloud with applications that can
help you manage your complete sales, increase team
productivity and reduce manual efforts at the same time.

Streamline the complete Sales process with our applications


A very easy to use and powerful sales software to manage and track everything inside your sales.


Raise clean looking estimates and invoices for your prospects. Track payments and trigger messages.


Onboard your fieldforce team to track their locations, schedule tasks for them, track their visits.

Marketing Free

Run outbound SMS or Call campaigns. Create data-segments (lists), templates and easily schedule campaigns.

Features to meet the needs of your business

With our products and features, we tend to eliminate the manual processes involved in daily sales activities that result in slow progress, inaccurate reports and mismanaged team.

Bytepaper apps are made to cover end-to-end sales operations which are flexible enough and can be used together or alone.

  • Boost sales efficiency, keep every action in check.
  • Track activities of your team to improve the overall performance.
  • Follow a result-driven process to increase sales outcomes.

On-board team to work together in a single place

Centralize your data in Bytepaper to start working with your team in a single place. Unlike excel sheets where you had to perform manual calculations to get the numbers, Bytepaper provides many reports showing exactly how your users are performing.

  • Control user data visibility & give access to apps they work in.
  • View daily activities, login history, geo-locations, tasks completed & reports.
  • Set monthly targets, view achievements & measure performances.

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